With over 100 doctors and advanced providers at state-of-the-art centers in Florida, we are the best medical group near you.
With over 100 doctors and a world-class center working on the three pillars- Acees is the the best florida medical group

The Three Pillars of Access Health Care Physicians

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    Compliance means doing what is right all the time, no matter what. It means being transparent and sincere. It also means not hiding errors but bringing them out in the open, so they can be a part of our learning experience. Compliance creates a culture of integrity.

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    Quality is the central pillar that keeps us striving for excellence and measuring ourselves constantly, in order to be the best. This includes continuity of care and coordinated care based on a team-oriented approach.

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    Evidence-Based Medicine

    We’re committed to practicing evidence-based medicine. This involves making decisions based on medical necessity instead of based on profit. We focus on every patient’s wellbeing and believe in providing treatment that is based on the highest standards.

 A world-class wellness center mainly focused on wholesome, patient engagement experience, etc we are the best florida medical group

Our Goals

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    Wholesome Experience

    This is the keystone to our interactions with patients. The comfort of our patients is a priority, and we strive to serve as a second home to every patient who walks into our office.

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    Patient Engagement

    We believe in strong communication with our patients and families. Patients who understand their conditions are empowered. We encourage involvement in the decision-making process so that every patient-physician relationship feels like a partnership.

  • Best Outcomes

    Best Outcomes

    We approach every encounter as an opportunity to analyze and treat each patient as a whole in order to improve their overall quality of life.

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Work With Us

Access Health Care Physicians, LLC offers employment opportunities in diverse work settings within a dynamic corporate culture. Access Health Care Physicians has been in operation since 2001 and as we continue to expand there are opportunities at every level.

We are proud of our corporate culture, which respects employees and values their innovations that lead to superior patient care. Access Health Care Physicians, LLC is an equal opportunity workplace. We are proud of our corporate commitment to honor and respect the diversity of our community.