Marcelino Mederos-Rodriguez, MD is an Access Healthcare Primary Care & Family care physician. He has 19 years of experience.

Marcelino Mederos-Rodriguez, MD

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Message From Marcelino Mederos-Rodriguez

Marcelino Mederos-Rodriguez, MD, comes to Access Health Care from Oceanside, New York, where he recently completed a family medicine residency program at Mount Sinai at South Nassau Communities Hospital. Before coming to the United States, Dr. Mederos-Rodriguez practiced in Cuba and Venezuela for 19 years as a family medicine specialist / family care physician and intensive and emergency specialist.

In addition to his family medicine residency training, Dr. Mederos-Rodriguez completed an intensive care and emergencies masters course at Mario Munoz Hospital, Colon, Matanzas, Cuba. He also completed an additional family medicine residency program at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Matanzas Perico Campus, Matanzas, Cuba. He received his medical degree from the University of Medical Sciences of Havana and holds a Bachelor of Sciences from the Institute Vocacional of Exact Sciences of Matanzas, Havana, Cuba.

He is a member of the American Association of Family Medicine and the American Medical Association.

Dr. Mederos-Rodriguez is married with two children. He has a 19-year-old daughter at the University of Pittsburgh and a 24-year-old son who is a medical student at the University of West Virginia. Dr. Mederos-Rodriquez speaks both English and Spanish and enjoys baseball, swimming and fishing.