5 Reasons Nature Can Be Therapeutic


5 Reasons Nature Can Be Therapeutic

September 3, 2018

Over the years there has been a disturbing shift in the way people prefer spending their free time. Today, smartphones, satellite television, tablets and other similar technological devices provide digital stimulation that keeps you hooked to a screen, inside the four walls of your house for hours. As a result, your mind and body are both deprived of the unique benefits that the natural world outside has to offer. Aside from being an excellent backdrop for physical workouts, outdoor excursions are also very beneficial for turning around a sour mood.

Older adults who are prone to suffering from depression and anxiety, especially after retirement or the passing away of a loved one, tend to find peace when they are out in nature. Similarly, children who spend quality time outdoors every day are also less likely to develop ADHD.

Here are five reasons why a regular rendezvous with nature can be an effective cure for many mood disorders:

  1. Provides Relief from Depressive Rumination – It is seen that those people who enjoy a walk in a park every day are more insulated from repetitive negative emotions that lead to depression. Nature has a calming effect on the mind and body by reducing the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, which helps in bringing down blood pressure.

  2. Boosts Memory – Enjoying a walk or just sitting in a green patch outdoors can help improve your alertness and memory. A University of Michigan research suggests that doing the same physical activity like walking, running or cycling in a natural environment instead of an urban setting can restore diminished cognitive abilities.

  3. Allows Creative Juices to Flow – The sights and sounds of a natural environment relax the brain, allowing you to think outside the box. It is a known fact that peaceful time spent in a wooded area can stimulate the mind and give birth to many innovative ideas.

  4. Makes You Sleep Better – The quality of sleep you get each night can tremendously improve if you spend time outdoors. Exposure to natural light helps in setting the body’s circadian clock right which automatically trains the body to wind down when it is dark outside.

  5. Enhances Mental Energy – Feeling tired and listless by the end of a hard day at work is a common problem faced by most office-goers. Even a 30-minute stroll outside can help alleviate mental fatigue and induce a general feeling of well-being.

If you too have been feeling blue and down the dumps lately, try giving nature a chance at restoring your mental peace. A short hike through the woods or a weekend camping trip with the family or a solitary jog in the park can all be great mood elevators and help prepare you to handle the rigors of life in a much better fashion.