Jim Butler From Our Community Outreach Center


Jim Butler from our Community Outreach Center

January 11, 2018

Personalities that amaze you in an instant are hard to come by, but we came across one within our organization.

Allow us to introduce you to Jim Butler.

Jim has been working at the Outreach Center for over a year and a half. Every day people come to the Outreach Center seeking help that could be in the form of medical assistance, financial assistance, food stamps or more. Jim has been doing an impeccable job in helping these people find what they need.

He also refers people to the Crescent Clinic, directs people who are substance dependent, and lately, he even tries to help people find housing resources, a need that is becoming more and more difficult.

You may wonder if these are his job responsibilities, but he has gone beyond his responsibilities and looks at this opportunity to work with the Outreach Center as his calling in life.

Even during his personal time, Jim continues what he believes is his higher calling, from visiting and playing music for people in prison, to distributing crops from Auro Community Garden to help the hungry, Jim has dedicated himself in serving the community.

Many people come and talk to him as he is their ear, while for others he has become a counselor, directing them on how to get their lives in order.

He tells people things will get better and lets them know that they will figure it out together. Jim is exemplary at understanding and helping people get better. A perfect example would be a man he helped to get dentures. Jim fought for months with Medicaid, going round and round and doing all the paperwork until they were finally able to give him his dentures. The first thing the man did was to go to the Outreach Center and show Jim he could smile and thanked him.

As a scholar of Religious Theology, Jim has found that employment at the Enrichment Center has given him spiritual gratification.  It allows him to be a vessel of God’s love for all people, even the ones others choose to forget about.

It is an honor for Access that we have such a remarkable personality among us as we continue to rejoice in his service to the community.