5 Things That Can Harm Your Liver Health


5 Things That Can Harm Your Liver Health

June 30, 2018

Maintaining good liver health is the foundation for ensuring that your body is capable of purging the harmful waste products that tend to accumulate over time. Keeping your liver in shape may not be as easy as it sounds though. There are elements in our daily lives that make us more susceptible to liver dysfunction. It is a prudent choice to proactively understand these risk factors and learn how to nullify their effects rather than wait for painful symptoms to invade your life before taking any action.

Your liver is a critical element in the body’s systematic detoxification procedure. It acts like a natural sieve that purifies the blood and processes food to extract nutrients and proteins through the process of metabolism. In the world that we inhabit today, unfortunately, there are a host of external triggers that can cause liver impairment. Many of these instigators are avoidable, and you can easily eliminate them from your life.

We have collated a list of the top 5 reasons that contribute to liver disease and ways in which you can keep them from affecting you.

  1. Do not go overboard with supplements– You may have read about the multiple benefits of taking natural supplements every day to meet your body’s nutritional needs. While some supplements are indeed helpful in bridging gaps in nutrition, certain add-ons can cause liver damage. For instance, too much iron or vitamin A can be quite hazardous for your liver. Similarly, some herbal teas and remedies are also best avoided if your liver is already compromised. Consult your primary care physician before starting any new supplement to find out if you even require it.

  2. Keep your weight in check– Excess weight and all the ailments that are linked to it, including diabetes and elevated cholesterol levels can prompt a liver condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which could cause permanent scarring as well as cancer of the liver. It is, therefore, imperative to keep a strict handle on your weight by eating more fibrous fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods and sugary treats.

  3. Eliminate sneaky toxins from your food– Fruits and vegetables laced with pesticides and household products that contain harmful chemicals can all lead to ingestion of toxins in small quantities. The build-up of such toxins in the body overloads the liver and can cause severe malfunctioning. Make sure that you wash produce thoroughly before consuming and also avoid products like solvents, paints, hair dyes and polishes that contain liver harming chemicals.

  4. Avoid indulging in too much alcohol– Prolonged heavy-drinking is a sure way to contract the alcoholic fatty liver disease. It can cause massive damage to the liver and can pave the way for other life-threatening conditions like liver cancer and kidney failure. Keeping your drinks to a minimum and eradicating the habit of drinking every day are the only solutions to prevent such liver troubles.

  5. Check if your family has a history of liver disease– If liver problems run in your family, then you are at a considerably higher risk than others. You need to be all the more cautious about possible signs and report them to your physician quickly. An annual liver enzyme exam can also help you identify liver trouble early on.

By following the suggestions given above, you can rescue your liver from the clutches of destructive forces that plague our environment. A healthy liver is your key to a healthy and happy life.