6 Ways To Give Your Immune System A Healthy Boost


6 Ways to Give Your Immune System a Healthy Boost

December 19, 2018

The environment we live in is chock-full of pathogens of all kinds. These disease-perpetuating microbes often attack and cause trouble especially in the respiratory and digestive processes. A well-functioning body is usually successful in warding off such attacks by defeating these germs. The body’s ability to do so is solely attributed to its immune strength. This intricate machinery consists of an integrated structure of cells, tissues, and organs that work in tandem to keep you safe.  When your body senses an imminent antigen invasion, it nudges the B lymphocytes to synthesize chemicals that target the invaders. Once these chemicals lock on to the germs, T lymphocytes take charge and decimate them.

While your immune system and its functions are not controllable aspects, introducing some good habits in your daily life can help in keeping this vital part of your body in good shape. Here are a few suggestions –

  1. Make Room for a Workout in Your Schedule – Staying active is one of those things that form the foundation for overall good health. So, it is no surprise that regular physical exertion can also help keep your immunity up by improving the circulation of lymphocytes and enabling them to work better.

  2. Ensure That You Are Sleeping Appropriately – An appropriate amount of good quality sleep is vital. The general recommendation given by physicians is 8 hours of restful sleep, but this figure can vary from one individual to another. When you do not sleep well, your body’s ability to produce germ-fighting cells diminishes, leading to lowered resistance to infections.

  3. Add Nuts Like Almonds to Your Diet – By making white blood cells (WBCs) better at spotting disease-carrying pathogens, natural substances found in nuts like almonds can help improve your immunity. It is crucial to eat almonds with their skins on to reap the maximum benefit offered by these crunchy delights.

  4. Keep Up with Your Immunization Requirements – Vaccinations are an essential element of your immunity-boosting plan. Make sure that your children have received all the shots recommended by their physician. Consult your physician to get a list of all the vaccines that you should get especially before embarking on a trip abroad.

  5. Cut Down Your Sugar Intake – Sugar has rightfully earned the title of ‘white poison’ due to the numerous ill-effects that it unleashes on your body. One of these effects is the reduction of the effectiveness of WBCs in combating germs. Keep processed sugar away from your diet and choose natural sweeteners like date syrup or honey instead.

Leading a happy and healthy life is something that each one of us desires. Building immunity should, therefore, be a priority for all of us, if we wish to attain that vibrant glow of vitality that comes along only when a person is not constantly falling prey to pathogens.