Welcoming Dr Seenu Sanka Physician And Medical Director


Welcoming Dr. Seenu Sanka Physician and Medical Director

Access Health Care Physicians is proud to introduce Srinivas (Seenu) Sanka, DO who as well as seeing patients, is also the newest Medical Director. 

Dr. Sanka moved to the US when he was only four years old. He grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia as the youngest of three and the only boy. Being from a different culture and feeling slightly different than most of the neighborhood kids, Dr. Sanka learned from a young age how to form connections with people and create friendships.  As a child, he would ride his bike all over town and loved learning about science and history.  He enjoyed playing youth soccer and basketball.  When he joined the workforce in his teens, he was never afraid to work hard, regardless of the position. He has done everything from delivering newspapers and landscaping to telemarketing and selling security systems. His parents instilled the values of honesty, determination, and perseverance.  Now in Florida, he still has a deep love for his Philly roots and is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. He loves listening to classic rock music (especially when it annoys his kids) and spending time with his family. 

In his heart. Dr. Sanka always wanted to be a teacher or a doctor. He fell in love with becoming a physician because he gets the best of both worlds - being a physician allows him to help people and the position still allows him to teach, educating patients on their health. What he loves the most is that his patients become like old friends throughout the years. “I genuinely care for people. I like to learn where they are from, what did they do for a living, their support system…” He also helps with overseeing a handful of medical offices within Access Health Care, providing support in seeing patients and professional guidance for the practice itself.

Dr. Sanka has been presented a number of esteemed awards throughout his 18-year career in practicing medicine. With patient care, he can be described as approachable, involved and educative. He particularly loves when patients ask him questions and are engaged in their care. He prides himself on breaking down barriers and earning people’s trust. This makes it no surprise that he has previously been recognized for the highest patient retention and value.

When asked about the one thing he wants people to know, he answered, “The best health care I can provide is built on a foundation of trust and partnership in your health”

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