A Big Hearted Cardiologist With A Lot Of Skill


A Big Hearted Cardiologist with a lot of Skill

June 29, 2018

Dr. Raxwal comes with over 16 years of cardiology experience. He does not only treat heart disease like many other cardiologists do, but is particular because he also specializes in arterial and venous circulation. He has 16 research-based publications, is the Director of the Heart Failure Clinic at Bayonet Point, & also teaches basic life support classes three times a year. He was even a Fellow at Stanford University in California.  

Since he was a teenager, he knew he wanted to be a doctor, but he picked cardiology for one very special reason, he knew he makes an immediate difference in his patient’s lives. That is what he finds to be the most rewarding facet of his career.  He knows the care he gives at that moment will most likely have a contiguous effect on the patient’s well-being.  Patients have often walked to the front desk and said: “ he just saved my life.”   There was even an emergency moment in his office parking lot in which he saved a person’s life then too.   Besides his knowledge, his bedside manner can be summed up easily with one quote from Amanda, his staff member who has worked among many doctors, “In 4 years I have never had negative feedback about him. He actually cares about his patients, and they know it. Patients love him.” 

For more information about Vinod Raxwal, MD, please go to https://theaccesshealthcare.com/providers/vinod-raxwal

His office details are below: 

7323 Green Slope Dr. Zephyrhills FL 33541, 813-333-5754