An Access Doctor That Exuberates Love & Reliability Dr Sheetal Patel


An Access Doctor that exuberates love and reliability, Dr. Sheetal Patel

January 17, 2018

Sheetal Patel, MD, is the kind of person who makes you feel that you are sitting alongside an old friend. A compassionate and down to earth doctor.

Patients literally drive from counties far to see her. Even though she has advised certain patients that it is in their best interest that the patient sees a doctor near their home, we still find patients taking the pain of travel to consult with her.

Dr. Patel contributes to community initiatives and social welfare activities as well. She had organized the Hurricane collection for Hurricane Harvey and Irma. She uses her connections and tries to work
with them as much as possible to help people when they are in need. 

Due to her connections in aviation, Dr. Patel successfully ensured relief efforts reach out to the people affected by the hurricane in time.

Dr. Pate l is known to visit her patients in the hospital to calm them. She realizes the need to have a familiar face around, and her patients love how they are able to see Dr. Patel consistently. It gives the patients a feeling of security. Her staff, which have been working with her for years, also help in the consistency. Sometimes her staff has been known to even join patients for lunch who do not have a family.

Dr. Patel also looks up prices for medication on Good RX program to try to save her patient's money and has forms printed and ready to go to make their lives easier. In the waiting room of Dr. Patel’s office, you can hear laughter and giggles, the sounds of a cheerful office, always willing to take care of a patient’s need.

Though a small group, Dr. Patel, and her team together have accomplished remarkable milestones in the aspects of care, reliability, and support.

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