An Evening With The Patient Friendly Dr Vinje & Dr Rodriguez


An Evening with the patient-friendly Dr. Vinje and Dr. Rodriguez

November 1, 2017

Access provides more than just healthcare. Our team of doctors try to provide their best services and is keen to enrich the lives of its members. Let’s have a look on our recent engagement with Dr. Vinje, Dr. Rodriguez & Jim Aemisegger, ARNP.

In speaking with the staff, one member, Maria Martinez, says that one of the things she respects most about Dr. Vinje, Dr. Rodriguez & James is that they actually listen to their patients.   For example, Dr. Rodriguez is knowledgeable about cars and often uses this knowledge when communicating with patients who have trouble understanding medical conditions and procedures. Using cars as an analogy, he has sent the patient home with an actual understanding for what is important for their health. 

Jim Aemisegger, ARNP also uses the same principles to make the patients more comfortable with the medical information and helps them understand everything more easily.

Dr. Vinje is extremely thorough in making sure that the office is stocked with very simple information printouts to send home with the patients.  Whether they need information on glucose, quitting smoking, understanding carbs or a local community resource form, he makes sure the patients are provided with simple to understand resources for them to reference.

Many of the senior patients are particularly very happy with the communication style of everyone in the office. They find Dr. Vinje and his team easy to understand  Literature is simple and easy to comprehend, making patients feel very comfortable.

Access is proud to have such professional physicians and clinicians on our team with the knowledge and experience in handling patients so efficiently.

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