Are you Automatically Enrolled in Medicare at age 65

Oct 28, 2022

If you are about to turn 65 and are wondering whether you will automatically get enrolled in Medicare or not, then you are in the right place. Here, we will answer that question for you in detail.

You get automatically enrolled for Medicare at 65 if you are getting Social Security/Railroad retirement benefits. Such benefits will make you enroll in both Medicare Part A and B. If you aren't getting such benefits, you will have to enroll yourself manually. 

Let's understand more about this situation in detail:

When Does Medicare Start Automatically?

If you are enrolled with the above-mentioned federal programs, your healthcare will start four months prior to your 65th birthday. It's said that 30% of senior citizens get their Social Security benefits early. For them, Medicare will start automatically at 65. 

Seniors can get their Medicare card about three months before their birthday with the necessary information on the coverage. Although the card wouldn't be usable till they turn 65, they can get them beforehand. 

How to Check the Medicare Enrolment?

If you want to check your Medicare enrolment status, you can do so by reaching the My Social Security or accounts. Alternatively, you can simply contact the Social Security Administration at the number 1-800-772-1213 or reach their office. 

How to Enrol in Medicare (First timers)? 

As a beginner, you can enroll in Medicare in three ways:

  • Go to the Social Security Administration website. Fill out the online application with all the relevant details.

  • Call their number 1-800-772-1213 (TTY users 1-800-325-0778). Make sure to contact them during working days (Monday to Friday) between 7 am to 7 pm. 

  • You can also visit the nearby Social Security Office to get yourself enrolled in Medicare. 

Do I Have to Apply for Medicare Before Turning 65?

The eligibility for Medicare application starts three months before your 65th birthday. It lasts about three months after you turn 65. If during your eligibility, you don't sign up for part B, you might have to wait for months. You might also have to pay some amount as a monthly penalty.

Do I Have to Pay Anything If I am Automatically Enrolled in Medicare?

Yes, you will have to pay the usual cost related to Medicare despite the automatic enrollment. Whatever cost is associated with the Part B premium will be deducted from the RRB or Social Security benefits. 

I am Already Enrolled in Medicare. What to Do? 

Nothing. If you have Medicare even before turning 65, everything will stay the same. You wouldn't witness any change. Throughout your enrollment, you will be eligible to get the benefits and medical services that you must receive. 

Is Medicare A and B Free? 

Medicare A is free for some people, but for others, there might be a premium. It depends on your personal earnings or your family's earnings. Medicare A includes hospital care. 

Meanwhile, Medicare B isn't free and comes under premium charges. The services in Medicare B include doctor visits, preventive care, and diagnostics.

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What are Qualifications to Get Medicare?

To get Medicare, you need to be 65 years old and a US citizen/permanent legal resident. You should also be in the US for five years, have worked for ten years, and must have paid Medicare taxes. If you are disabled and suffering from any medical conditions, you can get Medicare before turning 65.