Largo Patients Have Something Special With This Team


Largo Patients Have Something Special with this Team

October 9, 2018

Meet Dr. Apurva Shah and Jill Coots ARNP. They have been working together for over three years now and offer care on levels that you don’t find in every office.

Dr. A. Shah has been a physician for 12 years and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He has a Master’s in Public Health from the University of South Florida was trained in a very extensive geriatric program for elevated geriatric care. Since the age of 18 he knew he wanted to become a doctor seeking the opportunity to partner with patients and their families to make a positive difference in people’s lives. To him this was the ideal noble profession for anyone with a desire to help people. This is why you should not be surprised if he follows you to the hospital or rehabilitation center. You are his patient no matter where you are and he takes your health very seriously. Dr. Shah has written publications about case studies and reports published in peer review journals. Constantly researching and teaching he also likes to cook, spend time with his children and exercise.

Many times patients are pleasantly surprised when he calls to check on them, even on weekends. They will keep asking who he is because they can’t believe the actual doctor is taking time to call them even when not on call. This is nothing new though, anyone who knows Dr. Shah knows he is always connected and consistently involved with patient’s well-being. He makes it very clear that though Access Health Care Physicians is a large company, each office is its own small community that serves with love. Each individual entities of a large family.

Jill Coots is his ARNP in the office. She is also very good with following up on patients. She has a very soft approach and excellent bedside manner. Known as a very patient listener she honors that reputation because she “simply does not want to miss anything.” The art of being a good listener should never be underestimated. As a former school teacher it is no surprise she often creates her own material to give out to patients to have content at hand that will help them. Weather it is YouTube video links or handouts, they try make it as easy as possible for patients to have all the resources that they need. A nurse since 2001, she decided to get into this field because she wanted more opportunities to serve in public health. “It is always important you get to know your patients well, even trivial things are important. We have to take respect to the perspective of the patients.”

In Dr. Shah’s and Jill’s practice they offer blood draws, spirometry treatment, dermatology care, wound care, well women examinations, trigger point injections, vaccinations, nebulizer treatments and more. They are open minded physicians focusing not only on treatment but also preventative medicine. Offering same day sick visit appointments and little waiting time their thorough care is convenient for just about anyone.

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