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Peace and wellness to all - By Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh

By: Dr. Maria Scunziano-Singh, MD, June 12, 2017

Our goals are honorable and we would like to see them all happen. This "community" has done a very fine job of helping many in communities here and far despite all that we must face in these uncertain times.

Here is something I think is important with opinion that you may or may not be in agreement. I will share in a brief commentary.

In general, there is an allegiance that employees will feel when they are working in a company. The goal of the company is expressed by its leaders and the program moves forward. This is acceptable and expected. But what happens when the company is not about inanimate products and services that are simply out to make lives seemingly happier, easier and more comfortable- like Home Depot or Walmart- but about delving into fully living beings with major health issues and totally complicated scenarios? And, what happens when all of this has to be poured into a technological sea of massive depth and complexity? To consider the medical profession in terms of a "company" has taken the real-life element and mechanized it into something less than natural. I would like to propose that we refrain from the word "company" so as to foster a more beautiful vision of what we are all trying to do. Let us see this as a community- a movement, if you will-of people joining together to help improve lives in so many ways. In this way, perhaps, we can see something change for the better of all. A nice designation can be something all can vote on soon!

When and since we have aligned with corporate mind-set: hard rules, ratings, gradings, penalties etc., we have essentially lost the sense of what health is and where it all blossoms from, unfortunately. So, we have a number of minds that will no longer be truly dedicated to making health return or sustained but rather driven to making a buck. All values and components of a value system will deteriorate when people are really not feeling genuinely connected.

How can we have people with living hearts, spirits, minds all feel warmth, togetherness, harmony and passion to perform without worry of money or profit? A world of human touch without the obstructive, obtrusive machines in the middle of it all has pulled the life out of many. For many, sadly, it comes down to punching the keys and bringing home the paycheck. We can and must approach this all with real sensitivity. It is not easy for employees to all see what executive folk see and vice versa. Let us be fostering good habits. I would like to see that we have meditation, exercise, food for life and fitness classes on a regular basis to really "connect" with people rather than just have the intranet and mechanical devices that have already caused a massive amount of interpersonal problems. Dance and funny performances are great ways for people to act and show their colors and feelings. We do have many musicians in this community of folks by the way!! A venue for all of this will be needed. We need to tap into everyone to help pull together some fun things our employees can do on stage or in the community. Fun is where we should go! People to instruct, conduct or help in any way will be needed. I am hoping that development of our WellCome OM facility of healing will also be a help in this regard. There are wonderful results when people are in settings when they can all let go, let the hair down and see that one another are all in the same place- no one life more important or worthy than any other. It is all so necessary for everyone.

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