Steer Clear Of Depression With These Lifestyle Modifications


Steer Clear of Depression with these Lifestyle Modifications

June 13, 2018

Depression, especially amongst the aged, has become commonplace of late. Feeling blue is simply one facet of depression. Some of the more troublesome symptoms can be detrimental to your daily functioning and are likely to perpetuate much anguish. A few simple modifications in lifestyle are helpful in checking the onset of depression.

In a world where people are aging rapidly, it has become imperative to stop neglecting mental afflictions like depression that affect almost 7% of older adults across countries. Usually dismissed as an unavoidable side-effect, depression, in fact, is entirely evadable. A positive mindset and a nourished body form a potent combination that ensures a good-quality life.

Here are some suggestions for helping you steer clear of clinical depression as you age: 

  1. Socialize– Spending time with friends and family often can help alleviate the feeling of sadness that comes along with depression. Engaging in group activities can be fun too if you find a set of people who share your interests.

  2. Be Out and About– Step out of the house at least once a day if not more frequently. A stroll in the park, around the neighborhood or a shopping spree at the local market will help keep your mind off gloomy thoughts.

  3. Volunteer for a Cause– By contributing your time to a cause that you feel strongly about, you can effectively beat depression. Anything you do that makes someone else’s life more comfortable will make you feel happy and content.

  4. Get a Pet– Pets are fun for people of all age groups. Caring for another living being gives you a renewed purpose to live and keeps you sufficiently busy through the day.

  5. Pursue a Hobby– Now is the time to focus on hobbies that you have always wanted to pursue but weren’t able to due to the paucity of time. Gardening, practicing yoga, and dancing are some examples of activities that you can consider.

  6. Exercise– Regular physical workouts can be beneficial in elevating your mood. A 30-minute brisk walk, water aerobics or moderate intensity cycling can help you weave your way around depression.

  7. Sleep– Sleeping well is a sure-shot way to keep your spirits up. A defined routine for bedtime can be helpful in achieving the 8-hours a night sleep goal.

  8. Eat Better– A nutritious, well-rounded diet is essential for maintaining your blood sugar level on an even keel. Avoid sugar-laden foods and try incorporating protein-rich foods as well as vegetables and fruits in your meals.

As you age, it becomes all the more vital to be mindful of your overall health. Try some of the options given above to make your life more fulfilling and joyful.