Taking Care of Your Aging Parents on a Busy Schedule

May 19, 2023

With the growing economy and income of people around the world, quality time has become a valuable aspect. That is why we all are getting busier with each passing day.

In fact, as per WHO, about 488 million people work long hours globally. With such numbers, it's likely that you would miss out on family well-being somewhere or other.

This means you might also not get enough time to look after aging parents, who need extra care and attention to lead a healthy life. We often neglect the importance of senior primary care and treatment. But thankfully, there is a way to resolve such a situation.

Here's how you can take care of aging parents on a busy schedule:

Check their Daily Intakes

Whenever you pay visits to your parents, check on their medications and see if they are taking them regularly or not. You must also see if the medicines are intact. Sometimes, medicines may exceed the expiry date, and your parents might take them unknowingly. Look for such medicines/pills, and discard them immediately.

You must also check on their diet and see if their meals are healthy. If a doctor has recommended any special diet, encourage them to follow it. Stay in touch with their doctor to know about their general health. Just make sure you find a good physician near you.

Pay Frequent Visits

Elderly people are very likely to feel lonely. With time, they become just like little kids who need extra attention. So, by paying frequent visits, you wouldn't just be checking on them but also making them happy.

If it's possible, you can pay quick visits every day. You can do so before leaving for work or maybe after working hours. However, if you can't do that, visit them 3-4 times a week or during weekends. Make sure to spend quality time with them.

Prioritize Safety at Home

Safety is an important part of your elderly parents' well-being. It is always recommended to install safety gadgets at home. You can inform your parents about scammers and install front door security cameras for better protection. Besides that, you can install CCTV cameras throughout the home for the extra observance.

For any medical emergency, you can install emergency apps or save relevant numbers on your phone. This would help them take immediate action when you are not available.

Teach, Track, and Monitor

While it's convenient to live in a tech-savvy home for you, it might not be the same for your elderly parents. So, no matter what new technology you install, take your time out and teach your elderly parents about it. Whether it's using any application or tracking the CCTV footage, they should know it all.

Moreover, call them every day and keep track of all their needs. If you have got them any modern devices with medical functionality and GPS tracking, monitor the data when you visit them.

Support them Financially

Besides mental and physical well-being, elderly parents might need someone to support them financially. Although they wouldn't say so, you must understand and take care of their expenses (partly, if not all). You can either give them extra cash in hand or pay for their necessities like groceries, medications, or major bills. The more you handle their responsibilities, the more peaceful and stress-free life they will live.

Hire a Caregiver

No matter what you do, you might still want someone to look after your parents 24/7. For such situations, you can hire a caregiver. They are trained professionals who can take care of your parents when you are not there with them. Caregivers are ideal for the elderly, the sick, or even young people. Make sure to inform them everything about your parents, like their diet, likes/dislikes, medical conditions, things they are allergic to, or any doctor's instructions. It’s also important to note that sometimes caregivers can undergo burnout so being patient and having a good relationship with them is important. You should also share your contact number and ask them to contact you immediately during any emergency.

With the above tips/steps, you can easily take good care of your parents while balancing your busy work life.