Ways to Boost Your Spirit


Ways to Boost Your Spirit

Jan 27, 2023

We have all heard the saying, “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” at least once in our lives. It’s human nature to have certain days where being bright and vivacious is a lot harder than other days. You might be experiencing a foul mood, a short temper, and a perpetual grump on these days. The reasons for this could be varied - lack of sleep, stress, or even illness. It happens to the best of us. On such days it is important to know how we can turn it all around so that we do not end up projecting it onto those around us.

It is first important to figure out the source of this funk. If you find yourself reacting to an illness, it is best to immediately contact your family physician or a primary care doctor and seek help. At Access Health Care Physicians we have a number of doctors who can help you figure out your health condition. This allows you to treat the problem at its root and is bound to make you feel significantly better.

You can also try some of these tactics that are guaranteed to shift your mood over to the better side.

1. Validate what you are feeling

It is not advisable to bury your bad mood or to not acknowledge it. Doing this is bound to create a pressure cooker situation which will lead to an eventual explosion - which could end up making you feel worse. Create a safe, judgment-free environment for your emotions. As humans, we experience a range of emotions, good and bad. Acceptance is key when you are feeling low and realizing that feeling this way is normal is the first step forward. Sometimes all one needs in such situations is to just be.

2. Change your environment

A physical change in your environment has proven to be a great method. It could be as simple as changing the room you are in or going out for a breath of fresh air. Being in a new space often helps distract and take the focus off your worries. It is often an instant mood booster and helps shift your perception at the moment. 

3. Vent it Out

Sometimes all one needs is to release all that pent-up energy and frustration. Writing in a journal or just talking to a friend can make you feel like the weight is lifted off your shoulders. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open during this moment. Even if it feels like you are just complaining or venting over something out of your control. Doing this usually helps you diffuse everything that is bothering you, letting the bad energy flow of you. Make sure to not continue to dwell on it after venting. Release it all and keep it out of your system.

4. Move your body

Exercise has been proven to produce endorphins and serotonin, which are natural mood lifters. Whenever you feel as though you are in a funk, it is always advised to move your body in any way you enjoy. This could mean going out for a walk, dancing in your room, doing yoga, or doing any form of exercise. Movement makes your soul smile and allows those happy juices to flow. Studies have shown that engaging in even 20 minutes of physical activity has a noticeable effect on your mood!

5. Guided Meditation

Whenever you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed, meditation is just the thing you need to see through the mental fog. Meditation is not an easy task. For those who have little experience in it, we suggest trying a guided meditation session. There are several apps and websites that offer this. Even a 5-minute session can help you navigate your mood as it helps to redirect your mind and induces feelings of calm.

Next time you find yourself at the bitter end of your mood, try one of these tips to help you out of it. There are also several community-inclusive activities that can help you during such days. Being in a space with other people with similar intentions can sometimes help you let go of whatever is bothering you. Access Health Care Physicians offers several community outreach programs that you can participate in.