Innovation in the Boondocks

Can innovation happen in the boondocks? This is the question we have grappled with over the last five years. We live in Spring Hill, Hernando County, which is about 50 miles north of Tampa, known most…

Mar 10, 2018

Access Health Care Physicians, LLC Announces Hernando County's First Health-Tech Innovation Center

Over the last three years, Access Health Care Physicians, LLC has created new health care solutions in the industry by using its subject matter experts and information technology specialists in collaboration…

Feb 19, 2018

How to Start an IPA?

An Independent Provider’s Association (IPA) is a coming together of various providers for a particular purpose, usually to gain an advantage in contracting, to leverage economy of size and volume, and…

Feb 13, 2018

IT May Not Be IT

The recent approach of Silicon Valley to health care problems, as defined by a direct consumer-based approach, use of applications, cloud-based, with analytics and internet of things (IoT) with artificial…

Feb 13, 2018

Our Journey of Compliance

Our journey, from the conception of a compliance strategy for our company, to developing a full-fledged culture and integrating it completely with operations might be of some value to others. Let me share…

Jan 23, 2018

Innovation in the Boondocks: Challenges We Experienced

People: Perhaps the biggest challenge was finding the right people with sufficient expertise, passion, integrity, and compassion. Our first meeting of leaders in the company, which occurred about a dozen…

Jan 08, 2018

A Care Management Strategy

Creating a Care Management (CM) program entails several requirements. But, first, it must define the goals. The goals, to my mind, are:

Jan 02, 2018

The Challenge for Independent Health Care Practices

The biggest issue for health care practices today, in my opinion, is their lack of control over their destiny. In a sense, perhaps, they never had any and any independence and mastery over their future…

Dec 12, 2019

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: Providing the Spices for the Seven-Course Meal!!! & Sriram Bhargav Madhav

The health care industry is becoming more and more high tech with advanced research and improvement in our clinical abilities to test, diagnose, and treat.

Dec 12, 2019

AI in Health Care: A Seven-Course Meal

AI in Health Care comes in several flavors. It is not just a standard serving, which comes out of an assembly line, no matter what an individual’s penchant or taste might be. Understanding this is key…

Dec 12, 2019

An Approach to MRA Compliance

MRA Compliance (MRAC) is a team effort. It is the combined effort of operations, clinical, technology, compliance, quality, utilization management, and finance and a strong rapport among all the teams…

Dec 09, 2019

MRA Compliance and Equity

Medicare Risk Adjustment (MRA) creates complex arithmetic. For those not in the know of how it affects the business of Independent Physician Associations (IPA) or practices, estimating the budget is like…

Sep 18, 2019

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