4 Ways To Prevent Age Related Muscle Loss


4 Ways to Prevent Age-Related Muscle Loss

October 3, 2018

Most people complain of degenerating muscle mass once they have crossed the 50-year milestone. Keep reading to learn about age-related muscle loss and some changes that you can introduce in your current routine to prevent functional decline in the future.

It is common knowledge that being active is a must, if you want a healthy mind and body. The earlier you realize the significance of this in maintaining good health, the better. A lack of physical activity in your early years can lead to a rapid breakdown of muscle mass as you age, making it difficult for you to complete some of the physical tasks that used to seem like a piece of cake.

The medical term used for this condition is Sarcopenia. Studies show that up to 50% of a person’s muscle mass wastes away by the time they turn 70, especially in the absence of any preventive measures. While it may not be possible to circumvent Sarcopenia entirely, there are quite a few interventions that can help slow down the rate of your muscle loss, therefore, keeping other related illnesses like fatigue, insulin resistance and obesity at bay.

If you are already experiencing the debilitating effects of sarcopenia, worry not. Researchers have proven that no matter how old you are and how severe your muscular atrophy is, there is always a possibility of improvement with the help of proper nourishment and exercise.

Here are some ways in which you can improve your muscle strength to avoid physical dependence and emotional distress as you age:

  1. Strength Training - While cardio workouts like running, brisk walking, cycling, and swimming are great for keeping your body in shape, it is also vital to spend some time building your strength by including strength-training exercises in your routine. These exercises include free weights, resistance bands and other equipment that helps you exert your muscles in a controlled manner. A professional trainer or a physical therapist can help you with the proper technique so that you do not injure yourself.

  2. Get Your Share of Daily Protein – Proteins are the building blocks that form your muscular system. A diet that is sufficiently rich in protein can, therefore, help in keeping muscle mass intact by regenerating the lost mass quickly. One of the primary amino acids responsible for muscle development is Leucine. Eating foods like eggs and fish that contain leucine is an excellent way of ensuring that your muscles have what it takes to develop quickly.

  3. Walking – A 20 to 30-minute brisk walk every day can help you get rid of numerous health problems including reducing the effects of sarcopenia. Walking is one form of exercise keeps your body agile and injury-free for a long time. A mix of multiple physical activities which include resistance training, aerobics, and walking can be the perfect solution to fight age-related muscle loss.

  4. Taking Health Supplements – Taking supplements can help if you are suffering from sarcopenia. Vitamin D is very beneficial in protecting your muscles from accelerated loss. Similarly, creatine supplements are great especially for seniors who are trying to develop muscle mass.