5 Ways To Achieve Overall Good Health


5 Ways to Achieve Overall Good Health

June 18, 2018

It is no secret that as we grow old, our mental and physical faculties begin to diminish. To be able to continue living a high-quality life, it is vital to recognize this deterioration before it takes a considerable toll on you. A few things, if done in time, can be useful in cushioning your mind and body from a lifetime’s worth of wear and tear.

Mental and physical well-being are often mistaken as two mutually exclusive concepts. On the contrary, a body that does not function properly causing prolonged disruption in daily activities can pave the way for mental dysfunction. Similarly, chronic mental health problems can quickly lead to erosion of physical strength too.

Here are a few ideas to keep you sharp mentally and physically so that you can enjoy the life that you have built for as long as you live:

  1. Don’t Cut Down Your Snooze Time – Sleeping well is critical for keeping your overall system well-oiled. Restful downtime can help replenish the lost energy and give your body and mind time to recuperate from any damage experienced through the day.

  2. Get The Nutrition Your Body Needs – This may sound clichéd, but a healthy diet is a cornerstone of a fit body and mind. Foods that come directly from a farm or a field are way better for you than anything that comes packaged in a bottle or a plastic bag after being processed.

  3. Exercise Not Just Your Body, But Your Mind Too – Brain strengthening exercises are just as important as physical workouts to maintain an active, meaningful life for a long time. Something as simple as reading a book or completing a sudoku puzzle can go a long way in keeping your mind sharp and deterring an onset of neurodegeneration.

  4. Keep Away from Vices Like Smoking – Some people with mental maladies like to believe that smoking relaxes them and alleviates their anguish. Such a belief is an utter fallacy. Not only does smoking hurt your body by negatively affecting many organs, but it also adversely impacts your brain by making it dependent on nicotine to produce a make-belief sensation of well-being.

  5. Get Some ‘Me-Time’ Once in a While – Everyone needs a peaceful retreat once in a while. Quality ‘me-time’ doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive vacation. You can indulge in some light reading or spend time being one with nature by taking a walk in a park or sit in a quiet place and meditate for some time to collect your thoughts and calm your mind.

Physiological and psychological fitness go hand in hand. It is, therefore, in our best interests to pay attention to both of these factors. A well-balanced approach that nourishes the brain as well as the body has the potential to ensure a carefree and happy existence.