Stretching The Day Off Right


Stretching the Day Off Right

Stretching the day off right

Is there anything better than waking up and stretching in your bed? The feeling your muscles tighten and finally relaxing back into your bed. Maybe feeling a pop or two. Try these yoga moves and continue this feeling of contentment by starting your morning off with a few stretches. And don’t worry, we’ve picked easier poses for beginners and you “to-early-to-function-ers”.

Child’s Pose

This pose is great for releasing the tension and stress in your body! Plus, it’s a pose that is great for any yoga experience level.

To Begin, start on all fours then sit back on your heels and stretch your arms forward. Lower your forehead to the ground, using a pillow, blanket, or whatever is on hand if your head doesn’t quite reach. Your hands should rest stretched out on the ground in front of you. Relax into the position and take slow, deep breaths. Hold for as long as you’d like.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

This pose stretches and strengthens the entire body! It is a common pose seen in most yoga classes.

To Begin, start on all fours then lift your hips into the air, straightening your legs as you go, keeping your hands flat on the floor with your elbows facing out. Straighten your back and hold for five to eight slow breaths. You are more than welcome to bend your knees slightly if your hamstrings feel tight and to move your hands forward or backwards to make the angle feel more natural.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

This pose helps to stretch your hamstrings, upper and lower back, and sides. It is a great pose for learning to breathe through awkward positions and teaching you to open up.

To Begin, sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you and your hands relaxed at your sides. Stretching your arms forward, lean your chest towards your legs, bending at the waist. Don’t force yourself to go lower than you are comfortable! While this position will cause you to feel some tension, if you feel pain, you are pushing too hard. Once you find your maximum stretch, hold the position and breathe for eight to ten breaths and release.

Triangle Pose

This pose stretches your sides, strengthens the legs, and helps to tone your body. It also helps with breathing.

To Begin, stand with your legs stretched wide to your sides. One foot should face forward and the other, turn to face out, away from the body. Lean with your waist towards the foot that points away from you, placing the closest hand on your thigh, knee, or ankle, wherever you can feel a comfortable stretch. Take your other hand and raise it directly above you. Look up at that hand and hold for five to eight breaths before relaxing and repeating the pose for the opposite side.

Want More?

If you enjoyed these, there are more than 300 different yoga positions to discover. Yoga is a healthy, calming way to exercise, stretch, and relax, and best of all, yoga can be done just about everywhere. With instructors, classes, videos, and more to help you, there is something for every schedule and lifestyle.

We hope you enjoying stretching the day off right!

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Written by D. Maves for Access Health Care Physicians, LLC