The Geriatrics Specialist Of Kissimmee Dr Muqeem


The Geriatrics specialist of Kissimmee - Dr. Muqeem

October 27, 2017

Dr. Muqeem has been a physician since 2005, but he is no ordinary primary care physician.  He offers a wealth of knowledge in the human aging process, a topic that stresses so many older adults every day.

He is devoted to geriatric care and is pursuing his board certification in this specialty. Anyone who meets him can see that this is completely where his heart is.   He specializes in all the geriatrics syndromes from falls to cognitive impairment, but on top of that he does everything in his power to assure they have what he calls "successful aging." 

Dr. Muqeem assists his geriatric patients every step of the way to adapt to their community by tweaking their environment to suit them better.  He even addresses caregiver stress with helping them get respite.  His goal is to keep his patients out of the hospital, nursing home, and rehab while assisting them to achieve a much better quality of life.  

 He also addresses drug interactions to fight the snowball effect of medications on his patients. Dr. Muqeem has made geriatrics his realm, and he ponders every little detail knowing the repercussions they can have on aging.   

Dr. Muqeem has a reputation as one of the kindest people that anyone will meet. For example, after the Orlando nightclub shooting in 2016, he bought two eight-foot grills, and 1000 pieces of chicken and cooked them outside his office for the community.   He and his family felt that the community needed a gesture of warmth and helping to bring people together after the tragic event. This is just an example of how humble and giving he is.

Access Health Care is delighted to be associated with him as his moral principles go hand in hand with that of Access. Together we look forward to helping people outside the office walls. 


Currently, Dr. Muqeem's office is located at 505 North John Parkway, Kissimmee, FL 34741. Call on (407) 846-2786 to request an appointment.